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At Thomas Anderson Law Offices we have over 20 years of experience fighting for our client’s rights. We have won hundreds of legal cases that have had a huge impact on the community by placing money in the hands of our clients that decided to file a claim and were fully compensated by the justice system after a work accident.

We have won millions of dollars

in compensation for workers!

Greater financial compensation

We are experts in legal services and know the law perfectly, which allows us to help in almost any legal case you may have. Come and explain to us the situation at hand, and as complicated as it may seem, we’ll let you know if you can file a claim for it or not. We have pursued countless cases that seemed hopeless at first but have ended in significant compensation for our clients. 

If we don't win, you don't pay!

No additional costs to you throughout the process. Know that you have rights, even if you are undocumented. We will provide you with legal assistance regardless of your legal status in the United States. Give us a call for a consultation and we will begin to give you the guidance you need for your particular case.

If you have been involved in or

suffered any of the following, call us:

Workers Compensation
Slip, trip, or fall at work
Car Accidents While Working
Accidents on construction sites
Occupational Disease
Back Injuries from work related issues
Unjust or wrongful death
Occupational Injuries
Repetitive Stress Injuries

And much more. Call us, regardless of

your employment or immigration status.

You can trust us because we are on your side.

We help the Latino community

In case of an accident, we can help you with your medical bills, necessary repairs for your car, plus any third-party expenses. We have been helping the Latino community for many years now and in the language they prefer, whether that is in English or Spanish. You can count on our strong values and in our interest in fighting to protect those rights of our people.

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